3 Tips for Holiday Decoration Storage

When packing up items from the holidays, there are a few things you should keep in mind. For starters, fragile items require additional padding and support before being packed away. Also, you do not have to store all those decorations in your home! You can find affordable holiday decoration storage at a B & G Storage, Storage Ward, ABCD Econo Storage, or Selma Self Storage location near you. Get started today, and follow these storage tips!

1. Wrap Ornaments Well

To assure your ornaments live to hang upon another tree limb next year, you have to give them extra care when packing them away. Either section off your box so they cannot crash into each other, or wrap each ornament individually.

2. Designate a Tree Box/Bag

Hopefully you kept the box in which your artificial tree came. If not, you should purchase a tree bag for its safekeeping while in storage. The key here is disassemble your tree carefully but also wrap it up tight enough to conserve space.

3. Save Wrapping Paper for Next Year

You are going to use the last of that roll of wrapping paper next year, so you may as well as save it. Compiling your wrapping supplies in a plastic bin will keep everything together and protect it from damage. You can keep the holiday paper and bags with your other decorations in a storage unit or keep it handy with your other birthday and special occasion wrapping paper.

Find Holiday Decoration Storage Near You

If you live in Alabama, Florida, or New Jersey, we are near you! Our five locations—Tuckahoe NJSelma ALBrewton ALBrooksville FL, and Atmore AL—offer a range of storage options for residential and commercial storage, holiday decoration storage, and more. Talk to one of our storage professionals to start renting a storage unit and getting organized. Or rent online!

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