Drive-Up Storage Units

Need a quick and easy self storage solution? Keeping your belongings safe and accessible is our top priority. That’s why we offer a wide range of drive-up storage units across our convenient locations in Alabama, Florida, and New Jersey. These units cater to various needs, spanning from 5×5 spaces to more than 400 square feet. Find a smooth storage experience when you rent a drive-up storage unit with one of our facilities.

Table of Contents

I. About Drive-Up Storage

II. Why Choose Outdoor Units?

III. Who Should Rent Drive-Up Storage?

IV. Ideal Items for Drive-Up Storage

Drive-up Storage Units

What Is a Drive-Up Storage Unit?

Drive-up storage units are single-story units designed for ultimate convenience. It is your personal garage-like space that is secure under the protection of a trusted storage facility. These units allow you to pull your vehicle right up to the door of your unit, to load and unload bulky or heavy items a breeze. Ideal for frequent access, our drive-up units make storage a breeze for businesses, homeowners, and individuals alike.

Why Choose Drive-Up Storage at Self Storage Green?

Whether your primary storage space is in transition or your are simply need some extra space to get organized, our drive-up units offer the perfect blend of practicality and ease. 

  • Unmatched Convenience: Drive-up access eliminates the need to navigate narrow hallways or lug heavy items long distances through a facility. Simply pull your vehicle directly to your unit’s door for an easy loading and unloading experience.
  • Cost-Effective: Drive-up storage units can be a cost-effective solution for short-term and long-term needs alike. They are more budget friendly than indoor storage options. 
  • Reduced Physical Strain: Moving bulky, heavy, or awkward items is a breeze with drive-up access. This is a huge advantage when managing large loads.
  • Time Efficiency: Save valuable time with quick and direct access to your belongings. Businesses can ensure efficient operations with prompt equipment or inventory access, while individuals can optimize their day with streamlined storage solutions.
  • Versatility for Diverse Needs: Our spacious, ground-level drive-up units accommodate a wide variety of items, from household furniture to business supplies. Store larger items like appliances or machinery with ease, without the need for additional equipment or assistance.
  • Enhanced Security: Your peace of mind is our priority. Our storage facilities have state-of-the-art features, including perimeter fencing, keypad access to the front gate, 24-hour surveillance cameras, and on-site managers at select sites.

Who Should Choose a Drive-Up Storage Unit?

Still wondering if a drive-up unit is right for you? Here are just a few examples of the types of people who can benefit most from the convenience, accessibility, and security offered by outdoor units at Self Storage Green:

Business Owners: Business owners, including retailers, contractors, and service providers, can use drive-up units to store inventory, equipment, tools, and documents. The easy access provided by drive-up units facilitates efficient operations and inventory management.

Students: College students, especially those living in dormitories or shared accommodations, can utilize drive-up units to store personal belongings, furniture, textbooks, and academic materials during breaks or transitions between semesters.

Outdoor Enthusiasts: Outdoor enthusiasts such as campers, hikers, and sports enthusiasts may find drive-up units convenient for storing camping gear, sports equipment, bicycles, and recreational vehicles.

Frequent Travelers: Individuals who travel frequently for work or leisure may find drive-up storage units useful for securely storing luggage, seasonal clothing, and travel essentials between trips.

Collectors: Collectors of antiques, memorabilia, artwork, or hobby-related items can benefit from drive-up units to store and organize their collections in a secure and accessible manner.

Small Business Owners: Entrepreneurs operating small businesses, startups, or home-based ventures can use drive-up units to store inventory, supplies, merchandise, and promotional materials without the need for expensive warehouse space.

Artists and Crafters: Artists, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts may find drive-up units useful for storing art supplies, crafting materials, tools, and unfinished projects in a dedicated workspace away from home.

Common Items to Store in Drive-Up Storage

At Self Storage Green, our drive-up units offer unparalleled convenience and accessibility, making them the perfect solution for storing a wide range of items. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to declutter, a business owner seeking efficient inventory management, or an individual with unique storage needs, our drive-up units can accommodate various items.

  • Large Furniture: Sofas, wardrobes, and dining tables can be securely stored in our drive-up units. The direct access from your vehicle minimizes the risk of damage during loading and unloading.
  • Business Inventory & Equipment: Businesses can benefit from efficient operations with quick access to inventory, equipment, or tools in our drive-up units.
  • Seasonal & Recreational Items: Easily access your seasonal decorations, camping gear, or sports equipment whenever you need them by storing them in a convenient drive-up unit.
  • Documents & Archives: Businesses and individuals with substantial document storage needs can find a secure and accessible solution in our drive-up units. Students can also take advantage of the convenience and value for storing class materials, notes, projects, or sports equipment.
  • Tools & Machinery: Contractors and hobbyists can optimize their productivity by storing tools and machinery in our easily accessible drive-up units. No more clutter slowing you down from getting the job done!
  • Student Belongings: College students can benefit from drive-up storage units to store class materials, textbooks, notes, projects, sports equipment, and dormitory furnishings during breaks or transitions between semesters. Our convenient drive-up access makes it easy for students to retrieve and store their belongings as needed.


Your Trusted Storage Partner: Rent Online Today

At Self Storage Green, we offer more than just storage space – we provide a solution that simplifies your life. With convenient locations across Alabama, Florida, and New Jersey, our drive-up units ensure your belongings are always within reach. Whether you’re decluttering your home, storing business inventory, or keeping seasonal items safe, our units are versatile to meet all your storage demands.

Browse our available drive-up storage unit sizes online, or contact our friendly team today for a personalized quote. See for yourself the unmatched convenience and security of our drive-up storage solutions!

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