RV, Boat, and Vehicle Storage 

For many proud owners of RVs, boats, and specialty vehicles, the question isn’t just about where the next adventure will be, but also where to store these prized possessions when they’re not in use. Enter Self Storage Green—your trusted partner for all your self storage needs, from indoor units to outdoor parking solutions. Whether you’re seeking a spot for your expansive RV, your boat, or an extra personal vehicle, our facilities across Alabama, Florida, and New Jersey cater to those specific needs, ensuring that your vehicle is not just stored, but cared for. Welcome to a hassle-free vehicle storage experience! 

Table of Contents

I. Why Might You Need Vehicle Storage? 

II. The Benefits of Renting Storage

III. Security Features

IV. Vehicle Storage Preparation Tips

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Understanding the Need for Specialized Vehicle Storage

Owning an RV, boat, or a luxury vehicle is not just about the thrill of the ride or the adventures with friends and family. You need to take considerable care of these investments when they’re not in use. Going the extra mile to protect them from potential damage with a secure option like self storage will preserve their value and longevity so you can enjoy them for years to come. 

However, not everyone has access to a spacious garage or a private dock, and even if you do, there might be local regulations or HOA restrictions that prevent the parking of large vehicles or boats for extended periods. That’s where specialized storage solutions come into play. At select locations, we offer tailored storage options for RVs, boats, and personal vehicles. Accessible and secure, our storage solutions are designed to give your prized possessions the care and protection they deserve.

Benefits of Storing Your Vehicle with a Self Storage Facility

Choosing to store your vehicle isn’t just about finding a parking spot; it’s going the extra mile to make sure your vehicle stays protected when you are not there to keep an eye on it. Here are the benefits that come with self storage.

1. Optimal Protection

Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security measures. This means that your assets are protected from potential theft with elements like security cameras and gated areas to deter theft and damage. Read more about our security measures below.

2. Ease of Access

There’s no need to worry about inconvenient timings. We get the spontaneous nature of adventures, so we have broad access hours that allow you to retrieve or drop off your vehicle or boat whenever the need strikes. Check with each storage facility to view their specific access hours and office hours.

3. Space Efficiency

Our storage facilities offer adequately sized spaces that fit the unique dimensions of your RV, boat, or vehicle. No more struggling with tight fits or worrying about potential damage due to cramped spaces. You can keep your property and garage clear of extra vehicles when you have the option of a trusted self storage facility close by. See how one of our storage facilities can help you get organized!

Key Security Features for Vehicle Storage at Our Facilities

Self Storage Green’s facilities understand that when it comes to your RV, boat, or personal vehicle, security is the top priority. Our dedicated approach ensures that your assets are kept under careful watch behind our advanced security features.

24-hour Security Camera Monitoring: Our facility is under constant watch with security cameras set up at key points in and around the facility. Our high-resolution cameras offer clear visuals, so every movement is recorded and monitored in the event that we need to check cameras. 

Keypad Access at Entryways: To enter the front gate of our facilities, you must have access to the keypad code. This not only restricts unauthorized entry but also allows us to keep track of who comes in and out. 

Manager On-Site During Business Hours: A human presence often deters potential threats. That’s why we ensure that a manager is always present on-site during office hours for our facilities that are not operated virtually. Their role isn’t just administrative; they’re also there to keep an eye on the facility and address any concerns immediately. 

Gated and Fenced Perimeter: The grounds of our facilities are enclosed by high, sturdy fences to prevent any unauthorized or forceful entry. Tenants enter through the front gates with keypad access.

Well-Lit Premises: A well-illuminated storage area not only makes access easier during dark hours but also adds an element of security. Intruders often take advantage of poorly lit areas, but with our bright and efficient lighting, we’ve eliminated such vulnerabilities. 

vehicle storage tips

Preparation Tips for Storing Your RV, Boat, or Vehicle

Proper preparation is crucial to ensure the longevity and functionality of your RV, boat, or vehicle while in storage. Following these steps can help keep your asset in prime condition and ready for use when you need it.

  1. Thorough Cleaning: Before placing your vehicle, RV, or boat in storage, give it a comprehensive clean. Remove any mud, debris, or salt residue, especially from underneath the vehicle, to help prevent rust and other potential damage. 
  2. Check for Repairs: Inspect your vehicle for any damages or required repairs. Fixing them before storage ensures you won’t be met with bigger issues when you’re ready to use it again. 
  3. Protect Against Pests: Ensure all windows, vents, and other openings are securely closed or covered to prevent pests from entering. Consider placing mothballs or natural repellents near tires and other areas where pests might seek shelter. 
  4. Fluid Checks: Top off all the fluids, especially antifreeze, to ensure they’re at appropriate levels. Additionally, consider changing the oil to prevent acids from corroding the engine. 
  5. Battery Maintenance: Disconnect the battery to prevent it from draining. If you’re storing for an extended period, consider removing it and keeping it on a trickle charger. 
  6. Tire Care: Inflate your tires to the recommended PSI. Over time, tires can lose air, so ensuring they’re at the correct pressure can help avoid flat spots. 
  7. Cover It Up: Even if you’re storing your asset in a covered space, using a high-quality, breathable cover can offer additional protection against dust, debris, and UV rays. 
  8. Empty & Defrost: For RVs, make sure to empty, clean, and defrost the refrigerator. Leave the door slightly open to prevent mold growth. 
  9. Fuel Stabilizer: Fill up your fuel tank and add a fuel stabilizer. This prevents moisture from building up inside the tank and keeps the fuel from breaking down and causing damage. 
  10. Regular Check-ins: Even in storage, it’s a good idea to check on your RV, boat, or vehicle periodically. This helps you spot and address any issues that might arise during storage. 


Securing Your Adventures with Proper Storage Planning

Choosing the right storage solution for your RV, boat, or vehicle is more than just finding a parking space—it’s about ensuring safety and accessibility so you can rest easy. We know the value you place on your prized possessions and the memories they hold. Our advanced security features, expertly designed storage spaces, and dedicated team stand ready to support you every step of the way. Whether you’re setting sails, hitting the open road, or just taking a break, rest easy knowing your vehicle is in safe hands with us. Reach out to our location near you and experience the gold standard in vehicle storage!

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