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The pandemic turned many of our plans upside down in the past year. People who once trekked through city downtowns or made daily commutes are now handling business from the comfort of their homes. And when some saw they did not need to stay in a densely populated, pricier area, they made the move to somewhere quieter. Our storage facilities in Alabama, Florida, and New Jersey have helped tenants through moves, downsizing, renovations, and so much more, and we can help you get a handle on life during the pandemic. Rent from one of our locations and refer a friend to each get $50 off a storage rental!

So why were so many people choosing 2020 and 2021 to move?

Why People Are Moving in a Pandemic

  1. Lower Cost of Living. New York, Brooklyn, and Chicago had more people move out than any other large U.S. city areas. Why pay for the city experience when you have access to only your apartment and the occasional grocery store? It was cheaper for young professionals to temporarily move back home and families and individuals to take up residence in suburbia.
  2. Fewer People, Fewer Germs. Moving away from highly populated areas takes away a lot of unavoidable risks. You do not need the subway or bus to get you to work when you work from home. And non-city grocery stores have plenty of space for customers to shop safely.
  3. Looser Restrictions. Because cities are so densely populated, they had some of the harshest lockdown restrictions.

How Self Storage Makes It Easy (Especially When You Refer a Friend)

Whether you are moving temporarily or permanently, organize your move with ABCD Econo Storage, B & G Storage, Storage Ward, or Selma Self Storage. With five self storage locations in three states, we have plenty of affordable solutions for you. Call our office closest to you to inquire about our refer a friend promotion, where you each get $50 off your storage rental! Get started today by renting online!

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