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How to Pack Your Storage Unit

Looking to rent a storage unit but not sure where to start? With five storage locations in Florida, New Jersey, and Alabama, our storage services are widespread. Our in-person and online storage resources make storage easy, so you can have peace of mind while storing with us. Stop by ABCD Econo Storage, Storage Ward, B & G Storage, or Selma Self Storage to find a storage solution near you! Then see our tips below on how to pack up your storage unit efficiently!

Tips to Help You Pack Your Storage Unit 

  • Create a plan for the layout for your storage unit. You want your valuable items as secure as possible, and keeping them in the very back of your storage unit can help you achieve that. Boxes that you will need to access frequently should stay up front by the door, so you use your storage efficiently. Including an aisle in your storage unit will also help you be able to access all the items you need to.
  • When you pack up your boxes and start stacking them, use the “heavy on the bottom, light on the top” rule. Heavier boxes will create a strong foundation for other boxes and should be made up of ones that will not break open or cave in when others are on top of them. The same goes for packing boxes—keep light objects on the top.
  • Make labels for your boxes. Mark them with the main items inside as well as room of the house they would belong in (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, shed, etc.). This will save you the time of rummaging through your boxes to find specific items. 

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Self Storage Near You

If you live in Alabama, Florida, or New Jersey, we have self storage locations near you. ABCD Econo Storage, Storage Ward, B & G Storage, and Selma Self Storage offer quality storage solutions, along with the professional storage assistance you need for an easy storage process. Check out the storage units available at the facility closest to you!

ABCD Econo Storage (Brooksville FL) · B & G Storage (Brewton AL)

B & G Storage (Atmore AL) · Storage Ward (Tuckahoe NJ)

Selma Self Storage (Selma AL)

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