Why Small Businesses Love Self Storage Units

Small businesses are popping up across America in record numbers. From products to services, entrepreneurs are “filling in the blanks” by providing answers for clients across a wide range of vertical markets.

Though all small businesses are unique in their own rights, many have a similar “best found secret” to success, which isn’t really a secret at all: the self storage unit. This humble place gives business-owners the chance to grow their businesses without worrying about any of the following issues:

1. Finding a place to keep things your business doesn’t need right now, including products.

Small businesses are likely to have limited storage options, and this is when a self storage unit can be incredibly useful. Not only can business items, such as extra desks, chairs, equipment and supplies, be stored there, but so can boxes of paper-based data.

2. Moving into a larger space.

Sometimes, a business may have grown but isn’t quite ready to look for a new location. Because relocating can often be costly and challenging, small businesses can use self-storage as an “overflow” space to avoid necessitating a move to larger office quarters.

3. Losing customers.

If a business is beginning to pick up speed but cannot warehouse enough products to support the burgeoning business, it will lose customers over time. A self storage unit can become an imperative necessity, so small businesses can avoid telling their clients: “We can’t fulfill your order.”

4. Losing employees.

Businesses that cannot make adjustments to their storage and fulfillment processes are bound to annoy employees who want to help grow the organization. When workers are unhappy, they leave; unfortunately, those are usually the workers that businesses cannot afford to lose. Having self-storage may make more room in-house for new equipment that will keep employees feeling rewarded, as well as give them the best tools for the job.

Any small business that’s experiencing growth or wants to expand into new markets should check out the nearest self storage units. They are a practical way to securely get bigger.

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Tim Glasow

About the Author: Tim is an SEO Strategist at Storage Asset Management in York, PA. He is a self-storage industry specialist who has written about everything from storage advice and helpful resources to industry trends. In his free time, Tim enjoys sampling craft beer and exploring the local music scene.