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Tips for packing before getting to your unit

Looking for storage options for the spring? Whether you plan on moving or revamping, storage packing tips from our experts will make the process successful. While you scrub the walls and shampoo the carpets, let us protect your belongings until you are ready for them. The flowers coming up are a sign spring is right around the corner, and we want to get your home ready.

As you plan for a summer vacation we are determined to store your belongings in a safe location for the summer. If your goal is freshening up the house, let us show you the fastest ways to make an impact.

storage packing tips

  • Organize items by the room they are in or what they are used for.Since you are making a few edits decide if you want to keep everything. Now would be a good time to add to your donation box.
  • Compress the bed frame and other large pieces of furniture. Your dresser drawers are a good place for blankets and pillows. Remember to keep these drawers light since you have to carry it out.
  • Those screws and L- brackets can get lost in a move so put them in a bag and tap them to a portion of the bed. Many of these tiny hardware pieces are replaceable, so keep an emergency kit on hand just in case.
  • If you swap out your winter place settings for something more festive, wrap the other set in bubble wrap. Newsprint is another material that absorbs bounces during the trip to the unit.
  • Are you hiring or asking friends? For those large moves you may want to hire professional to help. If that is the plan label everything where it should go beforehand to alleviate confusion. Asking friends can help you stay on budget but make sure they know well in advance.


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