The Best Brewton AL Events for the Summer

What do you do every year once the hazy days in the sun arrive? Brewton AL events keep the kids outdoors and you relaxing in the sun. We have found something for everyone in your family to enjoy. Summertime should be about exploring and making memories and you can make that happen with these local festivals.

Brewton AL Events

The Choo-Choo Farmer’s Market is a seasonal favorite of community members for the past several years. The market opens every Saturday through the summer. Local farmers bring their crop as well as artist bring their master pieces. Peruse the tents to get your weekly groceries and some fresh food to try. The event starts at 9 am and closes up shop around 2 pm. The market is open and ready for business, so come down to Belleville Avenue and get the produce you want this season.

Brewton AL events you won’t want to miss!

June 16th is the 38th Annual Alabama Blueberry Festival. This is a favorite of so many neighbors as well as out-of-town family. This year is sure to impress as always. The Brewton Area Chamber of Commerce is a great supporter of all the local businesses in our neighborhood. There will be arts and crafts, an obstacle course, and live entertainment. As always the annual cookbooks will be for sale with some of the best recipes to try from our local chefs. Get your fill of the blueberry season at this year’s Annual Alabama Blueberry Festival.

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