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Outdoor Parking Tips for Vehicles, Boats, and RVs

Need help storing your RV, boat, or vehicle? Our self storage locations can give you the outdoor parking tips along with a secure space to store your biggest items. We have several storage facilities near you to better serve our customer’s needs. Our outdoor parking spaces provide a safe location to keep your summer transportation safe and sound until the next road trip or family vacation. See how we suggest getting these items ready for storage.

Outdoor Parking Tips

RV storage tips

  • Putting a wheel chock behind the back wheel will keep your RV in a secure location.
  • Tires should be at the maximum psi and not exceeding this number. You can find the correct measurement for all wheels on the side wall.

Boat storage tips

  • Clean the salt water off the outside of the boat to keep paint looking fresh
  • A proper winter cover will keep any outdoor weather off while parked in storage.

Vehicle storage tips

  • Removing the battery will keep it lasting the longest. Harsh winter weather can be detrimental to battery life, along with sitting for too long.
  • After inflating your tires, you can prevent flat spots even more by putting your vehicle on jacks is a great solution.

Our storage facilities in Atmore and Brewton AL, Brooksville FL, and Tuckahoe NJ all offer outdoor parking. We can make storing these large summer items an easy transition.

Even though some of our locations in Selma AL and Haledon NJ do not offer parking spaces, our interior storage units and drive up self storage can be helpful for storing your personal items. Our goal is to make your next move successful, whether you are storing a large RV or your family’s vacation gear.

Start choosing the self storage facility closest to you and let us know how we can help!

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