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Moving Checklist For Moving Out of State

Are you feeling stressed about your upcoming move? Moving out of state or even down the street can have its overwhelming moments but with help from our experts this month, you will be ready to move.

Storage is not just for extra gear or seasonal storage, while you move storage space can make packing and unpacking easier. Move a few boxes to the storage unit while you list your house on the market or have the moving truck stop here first so you can unpack a little at a time. Moving and storage tips are the perfect pair, see how they help during a move.

Now lets start packing and moving your belongings.

Moving Out of State
  1. Get quotes for local moving companies at least a month in advanced.
  2. Ask friends to help the day of moving.
  3. Reserve your storage unit two weeks in advance. Notify us if anything changes with the date.
  4. Clean out cabinets and the pantry of old food. If it is not past the expiration date and you do not want to take it with you, donate it!
  5. Keep important papers together and easily accessible.
  6. Use this checklist to help fill in the missing things in your kitchen.
  7. Start updating your address a week or two before the move. Double check after you are settled everything is coming to the new house.
  8. Make sure you have enough moving supplies. Need more? Stop in our office to pick moving boxes, tape, and more!
  9. Get familiar with your new neighborhood before you move. Our neighborhood friends board will help you get comfortable.
  10. Use a cooler to transport any cold food and drinks you want for the day of.

These tips can make a difference when moving out of state. Our storage locations are here to help you protect your belongings during this transition. You can rent a storage unit online at a location closest to you or come in to take a tour and talk with our experts.

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