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Helpful College Storage Tips to Clean Your Dorm Room

Storing your dorm room items is a great way to stay organized over summer break. With a summer storage unit you can store your mattress, boxes of school supplies, and anything else moving out of the dorm. Our college storage tips can be the first step you take to an organized start to summer. Before finals week takes over, now is a great time to find your storage unit near campus to help store your possessions.

We provide several self storage facilities with a storage solution for every student. Just looking for a small storage space? We can help! Need a large storage unit for your housemates? We can answer your needs. Choose a storage location near you and give us a call to reserve your college storage unit today.

College Storage Tips

  1. Put a label on the outside of each box and bag you are moving to storage. This makes unpacking in the fall a little easier, and also very useful if storing with someone else.
  2. Prepare for next year’s apartment with your future housemates by storing a few items in storage. Gather all your supplies and move them to the storage unit.
  3. Use our storage calculator to determine which size storage unit you need this summer.
  4. Give yourself plenty of time to move in. Move a few belongings to your storage unit before finals and move the rest after. You do not want to be pushed for time, so reserving early can help.
  5. Our storage office helps our customers find state of the art moving supplies as well. Buying moving boxes, tape, and mattress covers is a convenience you will appreciate when trying to wrap up another semester.

Ready to start storing? Rent online and start moving in today or give us a call to reserve your storage unit for summer. Our storage leases run on a monthly basis so short term storage is great for students.

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