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5 Holiday Storage Tips To Help Reclaim Your Space

Ringing the new year with new space? Our storage units can help you store the holidays and keep your home storage space organized. Whether you like to put on a light display outside or your indoor decorations are simple, a storage unit can keep the festivities safe until next year. Check out these holiday storage tips to help you reclaim your space with the help of self storage.

5 Holiday Storage Tips

  1. Reduce the amount you recycle and use fruit containers from the store to keep ornaments.
  2. Stowaway the tree in used compact tubes from shipping stores.
  3. Use shelves and hanging door organizers for gift wrapping supplies.
  4. Hang wreaths instead of packing them in a box.
  5. Use labels to clearly see what is inside each box.

Looking for more DIY holiday storage tips? Check out HGTV and Good Housekeeping.

Holiday Storage Tips - Lights

Which Storage Unit Is Right Your Holiday Storage Needs

5×5 or 5×10 Storage Unit

You have a small number of ornaments on the tree with a few wreaths on the windows. If this is the extent of our decorating during the holidays choose a small storage unit.

10×15 or 10×20 Storage Unit

You have a small light show happening outside and the interior is decorated from floor to ceiling. A medium size storage unit will have ample space for all these items.

15×20 or 20×30 Storage Unit

The more lights the better. This year’s yard decorations were the most talked about in years. If you enjoy speading the holiday spirit a large storage unit will have the space you want.

Start storing today with a storage facility near you! We offer 5 self storage locations in neighborhoods near you. Let us help you reclaim your space after the holidays!

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