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April 7, 2021

College Student Storage Tips (What to Avoid)

Running out of space in your college apartment? Looking to store in between semesters? Find a self storage facility near you to secure additional space for your belongings. We have five storage locations in Alabama, Florida, and New Jersey to help you manage and organize your possessions. See what self storage can do for you!

Mistakes Made by College Students when Renting Self Storage

Getting the Wrong Storage Unit Size or Amenities

You do not have to go through the storage process with your questions unanswered. Call or stop by our office to ask about the best storage option for your current needs. Make sure you have enough space for all your items by getting a storage unit sizing recommendation from our online storage calculator!

Declining Insurance During Checkout

It is up to the tenant to secure storage insurance, and we offer plenty of different options at checkout. Insurance will protect your belongings if any damage occurs.

Not Writing Down Which Items Are in Storage

As a young adult, you have accumulated a lot of items that are now spread across your college place, your home, and your storage unit. Keeping a list of where certain items are stored will serve as a quick reference when you are searching for specific objects later.

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Any college student nearby looking for storage will be able to find affordable storage options with us. Leave your belongings with us over a summer break to avoid moving unnecessary items back and forth between school and home. Or let us help your transition into a new apartment. Self storage has many helpful uses for college students. Call the location closest to you to see what we can do for you. You can also check out our available storage units at each storage facility online!