Commercial storage
September 15, 2020

Ways Businesses Can Use Commercial Storage

Do not rely on your personal storage space in your house to keep your business going. Give your business space to grow with commercial storage from ABCD Econo Storage, B & G Storage, Selma Self Storage, and Storage Ward. We have temperature-controlled storage units as well as drive-up options at our different locations. Find storage close to you now!

Why Use Commercial Storage?

Everyone could use a little more storage space, businesses especially. Our flexible month-by-month leasing options allow you to choose the best long-term or short-term storage option for your situation. Store with us temporarily as you are starting up or moving locations, or move in all your inventory and supplies and set up an organized area.

Temperature-Controlled & Drive-Up Storage Units

Among our 5 facilities, we offer both temperature-control and drive-up amenities. Temperature control is a good idea if you are storing sensitive items, such as antiques, documents, photographs, or furniture. If the items can be harmed in extreme hold or cold, you will want this extra layer of protection. Drive-up storage units are convenient for loading and unloading directly from your vehicle to the storage unit.

How Different Businesses Use Commercial Storage

Trade Services

Keep only what you need for each job in your work truck. Store the rest of your tools and materials in your storage unit. It also allows you to order supplies ahead of time without worrying if you will have enough room to store them.

Retail Businesses (Brick-and-Mortar and E-Commerce)

You do not have to sacrifice your personal storage space just to keep your inventory close by. Find our closest location near you, and start organizing your business! If you make your products, you can drop off new batches as you pick up new orders.

Real Estate and House Staging

When showing and staging a large number of houses of all shapes and sizes, you have a lot of supplies that is not needed for every job. Stash your marketing materials, furniture, and decorations until you need them again.

Take Advantage of Commercial Storage

With locations in Alabama, Florida, and New Jersey, we are equipped to help you excel your business. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you determine the right storage unit to match your needs. Find storage for your business with ABCD Econo Storage, B&G Storage, Selma Self Storage, or Storage Ward!


Find Commercial Storage Near You!

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